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McCann Investigations is a one source solution for comprehensive case management. All McCann Private Investigators are licensed in the various states in which they serve and have extensive experience in the field. McCann Investigations was founded by Jack McCann over 25 years ago in New York, New York, and has provided private investigative services to law firms, public companies, private companies, government agencies, and individuals.

McCann Investigations begins each case with an in depth client assessment of the project parameters and objectives.  Based on these objectives, McCann Investigations will prepare a cost effective proposal that will meet the client’s goals and time schedule.  McCann Investigations will provide detailed reporting based upon client’s objectives.

McCann Investigations is a fully licensed Private Investigations firm with offices in Texas (TX License C15690), New York (NY License 11000120404), and New Jersey (NJ License 5271).


Jack McCann

Managing Partner

John P. McCann retired NYPD Detective First Grade, with a carrier of 27 years. Mr. McCann’s public sector service includes the following:

  • Tactical Police Force: This assignment facilitated in effecting arrests in four of the five Counties of NYC excluding Staten Island.
  • Detective Division: The Brooklyn North Detective Borough Command resulted in over 50 arrests prosecuted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office (all felony arrests). 8th District Homicide in the South Bronx: Mr. McCann was responsible as the primary case Detective for over 50 homicide investigations and assisted in over 200 homicides investigations. All of which required trial participation with the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.
  • Tactical Police Force: This assignment facilitated in effecting arrests in four of the five Counties of NYC excluding Staten Island.
  • Bronx District Attorney’s Office Squad: Mr. McCann assisted in the preparation of 23 prosecutions of Italian Organized crime members including associate members, Capo’s and one under boss for extortion; loan sharking; and conspiracy to commit murder. 21 of the 23 defendants were convicted.
  • Major Case Squad: Based at 1 Police Plaza where he worked citywide with the District Attorney’s office of New York County, Bronx County, Queens County, King County, on the prosecutions of persons arrested for kidnapping for ransom; Bank Robbery; Burglaries in excess of 250 thousand dollars, (i.e. Thefts of jewelry, art, cars); hijackings; Police Office Homicides and cases the Chief of Detectives assigned on an independent basis to the major case squad. Mr. McCann was also deputized as a Federal Deputy Marshal, First by the Marshal Romulo Immundi of Southern District New York and additionally by the Marshals of Eastern District of New York Charles Healy. This was renewed annually by successive Marshals over the period of fifteen years.

In addition, Mr. McCann has been or is involved in the following private/public sector professional organizations:


Expert Certifications

On a number of occasions Mr. McCann was deemed an expert witness by the Federal Court. He was deemed an expert witness in Southern and Eastern District of New York as well Federal Court Newark, New Jersey.

  • Judge Eugene Nickerson in Eastern District of New York regarded duo prosecution of John Gotti Sr.
  • Newark, New Jersey Fatico hearing of Raymond Resildo.
  • Southern District of New York, Judge John Keena

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Professional Law Enforcement
The Overseas Security Advisory Council
National Law Enforcement Associates
National Business Aviation Association
International Association of Credit Card Investigators
International Association of Chiefs of Police
The American Society for Industrial Security
Retired Detectives of the Police Department of the City of New York

Jewelers Security Alliance
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, retired
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary + Federal Law Enforcement Officers
Association of Former Federal Narcotics Officers
National Cargo Security Council
American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement
International Association of Asian Crime International Cargo Theft Council Association

Case Highlights

US vs. Jeries. Mr. McCann was the lead investigator for Anthony Siano, Esq. and his client. Mr. McCann supervised a team of investigators in a political corruption case in the Southern District of New York.

Client Diageo North America. Mr. McCann was the lead investigator in theft of product in excess of $300,000 stolen via two dishonest vendors. Recovered in excess of $30,000 and received admissions of guilt. The case was prosecuted in NY County District Attorney’s office.

Client of Ellen Baken, Esq. Mr. McCann supervised a team of investigators in clearing her client of allegations of sexual molestation. Westchester County D.A. office declined to prosecute her client.

Mark Lane, Esq. Mr. McCann successfully located 5 heirs on a case in Newark’s Surrogate Court in New Jersey.

Client Kool Pak. Mr. McCann was the lead investigator in a case involving threats of physical violence against the owner of Kool Pak. The investigation resulted in the cessation of threats and a positive outcome in litigation in Texas.

Client Grant’s International. Mr. McCann was the lead investigator representing multiple perfume companies in a case of counterfeit goods and product diversion. Investigation took place in metro New York area and it led to negotiated settlements between the company and the miscreants.

Client Purdue. Mr. McCann was the lead investigator in a case involving the theft of products by dishonest employees in excess of $30,000. The Investigation involved surveillance and interviews. Admissions by employees resulted in the dismissal of employees. No criminal prosecution was pursued.

Daniel Weiss

Managing Partner

Daniel Weiss is the founding Texas partner of McCann Investigations, LLC, a Texas Corporation.

Mr. Weiss has been interviewed as a subject matter expert on security by major news networks, Security Director News, SDM, and Security Systems News. In addition, Mr. Weiss has been featured in the Houston Chronicle and Houston Business Journal. Mr. Weiss brings extensive experience as a security professional in the area of private investigation, computer forensics, loss prevention, electronic security system design, and surveillance. As an industry entrepreneur, Mr. Weiss brings his wealth of knowledge in business with extensive experience in due diligence, private equity and venture capital, and financial controls. Mr. Weiss’ background supports the unique balance between business and former law enforcement that is a unique hallmark of McCann Investigations.

For over 15 years, Mr. Weiss has held a Qualified Manager license in the State of Texas regulated by the Private Security Bureau. Mr. Weiss has been directly responsible for hundreds of security assessments for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. In addition, Mr. Weiss has provided investigative services for scores of mid-market commercial and industrial companies as well as directly to executives. In addition, Mr. Weiss has been utilized as an expert by law firms involving complex civil and criminal matters. Compartmented Information (SCI).

Case Highlights

NTTA (North Texas Transit Authority); Mr. Weiss was the lead investigator in an embezzlement, fraud and data breach case. NTTA discovered that files with customer information that included credit card billing information was being transferred to an unknown location. McCann Investigations first pass of the IT network indicated that the source was an individual in the accounting department. A more in depth-investigation revealed that the perpetrator was a senior member of the IT staff and was in fact the person who created a false digital trail leading to the accounting department. Mr. Weiss led McCann Investigators in a complex investigation that included computer forensics, and network vulnerability analysis for NTTA. NTTA referred the case to Dallas County District Attorney.

Peak Completions; Mr. Weiss was the lead investigator in a case which involved the theft of intellectual property and noncompete violations. The case involved two current employees in collusion with a former employee who were using Peak’s plans and designs to build fracking equipment which was to be used to start a competing company. McCann Investigations facilitated a complex investigation that included computer forensics, mobile forensics, digital surveillance, traditional surveillance, and undercover investigations to gather evidence for Peak. Peak Completions and Summit vs. Steve Jackson, Everest Completion Tools and Team Oil Tools, LP (pending in Midland, TX) Peak Completions and Summit vs. Daniel Rojas, Kevin Kippola, Romer Bracho, et al. (pending in Houston, TX)

ESP Resources, Inc.; Mr. Weiss was the lead investigator in a case which involved the theft of intellectual property, non-compete violations, and product tampering. The case involved three employees in collusion who were using ESP’s plans and designs to reverse engineer a competing chemical that was to be used to start a competing company. McCann Investigations facilitated a complex investigation that included computer forensics, mobile forensics and traditional surveillance to gather evidence for the plaintiff. (ESP RESOURCES V. COTTRELL)

Tax Masters; Mr. Weiss was lead investigator for the trustee overseeing the Estate of Tax Masters. The case involved the imaging of over 100 computers, servers, and laptops and the forensic wiping of over 800 electronic storage devices including desktops, printers, IP phones, servers, and other electronic devices. The case in pending in the Southern District Bankruptcy Court.

General Investigations

NETWORK INTRUSION: Identification and forensic documentation of a network intrusion of a municipal government agency involving credit card and personal information being stolen.
NON-COMPETE ENFORCEMENT: Numerous cases with forensic documentation of downloaded customer data, conspiracy with current and former employees, and direct theft of company materials.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT: Numerous cases of current and former employees and competitors stealing and damaging company intellectual and physical property.
HARASSMENT AND CYBERSTALKING: Investigation and forensic documentation of inner company email-based harassment and attempt to cover up activity.
DIGITAL WIRETAPPING: Numerous investigations of cyber wiretapping of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices conducted by unauthorized parties.
PHYSICAL SECURITY: Provided security assessments for over 500 sites including chemical plants, high profile residences, and precious metals vaults and storage.

Major Cases in The News

JULY 2015
U.S. Vs Michelle Robyn Freytag in US Southern District Court. Mr. Weiss was lead investigator for the victim David Ducote. Mr. Weiss was able to turn over to FBI task force a recorded admission of Ms. Freytag. LINK TO ARTICLE

HPD arrest of Robert Gutierrez on embezzlement of $390,000.00 from Houston Heat Treat. Mr. Weiss was the lead investigator for Houston Heat Treat and turned over digital forensic work to HPD. LINK TO ARTICLE

Brett Dearman

Computer Forensics Examiner

Brett Dearman has performed or participated in over 200 internal investigations of varying complexity from 2002 to present in the role of digital forensics examiner.

These include alleged corporate espionage, theft of intellectual property, illegal trading practices, possession and distribution of pornography, and human resources related issues. Many of the collections were performed after normal working hours or by covert action. Mr. Dearman performed or assisted with numerous e-discovery initiatives including probable cause for reasonable termination. This includes the preliminary examination of personal computers and/or network servers as part of e-discovery. In the course of these investigations, interaction with attorneys, federal agents and law enforcement officers was common.

Case Highlights

Mr. Dearman participated in the role of digital forensic examiner during a Department of Justice investigation regarding illegal natural gas trading practices. Mr. Dearman worked with lead investigation coordinator on direction of the investigation based on relevant evidence as it was discovered. Due to the nature of the employee’s work as a commodities trader, the collection of evidence had to be done covertly. The employee took measures to obfuscate activities; however after an exhaustive examination of the collected evidence, a number of key files were recovered from unallocated disk space (deleted files), AOL Instant Messenger conversations and emails. Evidence provided lead to a number of indictments and ultimately, one conviction. (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. MICHELLE M. VALENCIA (False Reporting; 7 U.S.C. § 13(a)(2) and Wire Fraud; 18 U.S.C. § 1343).

Mr. Dearman worked with investigators on the matter involving the Securities and Exchange Commission and three Dynegy executives accused of securities fraud. The investigation started with a limited scope, but soon grew to include the collection and examination of a significant number of employee computers. The preponderance of evidence came from a plethora of spreadsheets and other documents, all of which were turned over to investigators. The three executives were then charged and later convicted. (SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION v. GENE S. FOSTER, JAMIE OLIS, HELEN C. SHARKEY)

Mr. Dearman performed initial investigation and evidence collection on alleged child pornography case. Over 5,000 graphic images were discovered during a routine digital forensic examination of a personal computer. Once files were identified as child pornography, the FBI was contacted as required by law. Because there was no evidence that the individual was selling or otherwise trafficking in child pornography, the case was turned over to the local police department. Evidence collected was then turned over to the local authority where an arrest was made and charges were filed for the possession of child pornography.

Mr. Dearman performed initial investigation regarding an employee sending proprietary source code to their personal offline storage account from his workstation. Once the activity was detected, it was documented and presented to the corporate security investigator who approved a deeper examination. At that time, it was discovered the employee being investigated had in fact transferred nearly 500 megabytes of source code and in one case, a text file containing the login ID and password of a bank account file transfer site belonging to the company. Mr. Dearman assisted corporate security investigator with the interview of the employee. The results of the interview were reviewed, resulting in the employee’s termination.

Mr. Dearman performed initial investigation of a potential network intrusion and attempted theft of intellectual property. Mr. Dearman assisted with the digital forensics exam of the laptop suspected of being the source of the activity. It was determined the employee’s laptop had inadvertently been infected with a Trojan Horse during a recent visit to a construction site in mainland China. The Trojan allowed Chinese hackers to access the laptop remotely and ultimately, the entire enterprise network. They had been in the process of uploading a number of proprietary engineering drawings when the intrusion was discovered. Evidence gathered by examination exonerated the employee of any wrongdoing while allowing investigators to pursue the hackers.

Mr. Dearman created Dynegy’s digital forensics lab in 2002 in response to investigations being conducted by the Department of Justice as well as a number of pending civil suits. With the assistance of former FBI and law enforcement officers, he developed the processes and procedures for digital forensic examination including proper evidence collection, processing and storage, chain of custody documentation, examination and reporting. During this process, he was trained on the forensics examination system EnCase (Guidance Software, Inc.) and ultimately obtained their Encase Certified Examiner certification.

General Investigations

NETWORK INTRUSION: Identification and forensic documentation of a network intrusion of a municipal government agency involving credit card and personal information being stolen.
NON-COMPETE ENFORCEMENT: Numerous cases with forensic documentation of downloaded customer data, conspiracy with current and former employees, and direct theft of company materials.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THEFT: Numerous cases of current and former employees and competitors stealing and damaging company intellectual and physical property.
HARASSMENT AND CYBERSTALKING: Investigation and forensic documentation of inner company email-based harassment and attempt to cover up activity.
DIGITAL WIRETAPPING: Numerous investigations of cyber wiretapping of servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices conducted by unauthorized parties.
PHYSICAL SECURITY: Provided security assessments for over 500 sites including chemical plants, high profile residences, and precious metals vaults and storage.

Major Cases in The News

“Cyberstalking Victim Has Warning for You.” LINK

“Cyberstalking – a Cheap and Easy Crime. LINK

“iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner hacked in just 48 hours” LINK

“Local 2 Investigates: The Dangers of WiFi Jackers LINK


CNE (x2) – Certified Netware Engineer
COE – Certified OS/2 Engineer
COLE – Certified OS/2 LANServer Engineer
MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
MCP+I – Microsoft Certified Professional +Internet
MCSE – Microsoft Certified SystemsEngineer
CMA – Certified Metaframe Administrator(Citrix, Inc.)
EnCE (x2) – Encase Certified Examiner(Guidance Software, Inc.)
ACE – Access Data Certified Examiner(Forensic Toolkit)
CPE – Certified PGP engineer(AccessData, Inc.) (PGP Encryption)

Marc Miller

General Counsel

Over the past 22 years, Mr. Miller has held several prestigious positions within the public and private sector.Most recently, Mr. Miller served as Senior Vice President overseeing global programs for the Motion Picture Association of America which represents the six major Hollywood studios.

Prior to the MPAA, Mr. Miller worked for Nintendo of America overseeing programs in the Asia/Pacific and Americas regions. Prior to entering the private sector, Mr. Miller served in the United States Justice Department where he held a variety of positions during his 10-year tenure including Assistant Deputy Chief for Litigation in the Department’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section where he managed litigation involving intellectual property and computer crime cases including copyright infringement, theft of trade secret and unauthorized computer access. While with the Justice Department, Mr. Miller held the high level security clearances of Top Secret (TS) and Secure Compartmented Information (SCI). Miller began his legal career honing communication and presentation skills through numerous jury trials as an Assistant District Attorney in Houston, Texas.

Case Highlights

+ Worked exclusively on behalf of six major Hollywood studios to protect intellectual property and emerging business models. Responsible for running global programs with personnel in 37 countries. Served as a public face on behalf of studios in high profile settings relating to technology, intellectual property protection and online issues.
+ Worked for leading global video game company Nintendo. Managed domestic and international teams of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and operational staff with heavy emphasis in online ecosystem and intellectual property protection throughout the Americas and Asia/Pacific.
+ Authored chapter in published U.S. Department of Justice Intellectual Property Crimes manual. Conducted training and outreach on technology and intellectual property rights in Asia (China, Japan & Thailand), South America, Central America and United States. Presentations include: private industry conferences (Gray Market Conference, Internet Piracy Conference), Patent and Trademark Office conferences (Global IP Academy and China Internet IP Enforcement) and law enforcement conferences (IP and Complex Online Crime).
+ Received the Justice Department’s 2008 Award for Protecting the Integrity of the American Marketplace for leading Anti-Piracy efforts. Received 2008 Anti-Piracy Leadership Award for leading Anti-Piracy efforts.
+ Led prosecution of illegal wiretapping cases involving “Loverspy” software in violation of federal wiretapping statutes. Completed multiple confidential noncompete & trade-secret investigations involving theft of proprietary information involving large corporations. Personally led successful enforcement of high-profile intellectual property cases resulting in media coverage featured in both print by the Washington Post and online at Personally led federal law enforcement activities resulting in violators pleading guilty and recording promotional videos on behalf of Business Software Alliance.

+ Served as management liaison for U.S. Justice Department at meetings with IP “czar” and other senior White House officials relating to IP policy, strategic goals and budgeting. Served as management liaison for U.S. Justice Department to the National Intellectual Property Rights Center, a multi-agency coordination center aimed at IP enforcement and training.
+ Served as a federal prosecutor assigned to an Organized Crime Task Force section responsible for prosecution of complex money-laundering, conspiracy, wire-tap and narcotics cases managing teams of investigative agents in successful prosecution of multiple organized crime syndicates.
+ Served as Field Division Counsel on a senior management team with responsibility for administering legal advice to management, investigative agents and staff in 49 San Francisco Bay Area counties.
+ Courtroom highlights: In excess of 60 trials conducted in state, county and federal courts. Total of 3 jury trials in federal district court. Presentation of oral arguments before the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. In excess of 100 depositions conducted personally including jury trial of 1 civil wrongful death case.
+ In addition to thousands of courtroom appearances, Mr. Miller has been a keynote speaker and presenter on numerous occasions addressing Intellectual Property & Technology issues in South America, Central America, China, Japan and Thailand. Mr. Miller has presented at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (U.S. PTO) and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Association (IACC) on several occasions. Mr. Miller conducted extensive training of federal agents & prosecutors at the National Advocacy Center including keynote presentations on Basic Cybercrime, Intellectual Property and Complex Online Crime.

Dorothy Filippov

Director of Forensics

Dorothy Haraminac Filippov has an MBA in Decision and Information Science and brings a diversified consulting skill set to each engagement.

She has a background in data analytics, systems analysis, and database implementation as part of her past consulting experience as well as experience creating financial models, analyzing historical financial records, and conducting research in litigation and valuation engagements. Ms. Filippov has over ten years of experience designing and maintaining a variety of proprietary technology applications, including processes to maintain SOX and FCPA compliance, and has particular expertise in data analysis projects through spreadsheets, databases, and various programming tools. These projects, for clients who vary from oil and gas services to photography firms, require detailed planning, requirements collection and analysis, and extensive data wrangling. Ms. Filippov provides expert witness testimony and non-testifying consultant opinions in litigation matters and provides investigative services, including conducting fraud examinations, for litigation and non-litigation matters. Ms. Filippov is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE – ACFE), a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF – NACVA), a licensed private investigator (TX PSB – DPS), and a licensed CE Instructor (TX PSB – DPS).

Case Highlights

Financial and industry analysis to determine a reasonable royalty for intellectual property in the oil and gas services industry (multiple US fields such as the Bakken, Eagle Ford, and others as well as offshore). Financial modeling and industry analysis to determine damages arising from the alleged misappropriation of trade secrets in the farm chemicals industry. Lost earnings model and lost accounts analysis in a FINRA arbitration matter for financial advisor groups with multiple shared accounts under management and differing production over time.

Forensic analysis of records and internal communication regarding charges to the joint account between a non-operator and an operator (Eagle Ford). Calculations for economic damages allegedly arising from a major railway derailment for more than ten different businesses, each requiring its own financial model and industry analysis. Calculation of fees and damages arising from allegations of violations of the Antitrust Act and the False Claims Act regarding furniture manufacturers. Financial analysis involving four dairy farm entities with common ownership and multiple transfers among each entity, one of which had filed for bankruptcy.

Assets spanning multiple global bank accounts and an analysis of the value of a multi-level marketing business organization. Assets that included a variety of investment accounts and over a dozen different banking accounts, each with frequent transfers to, from, and back to the community estate. Asset tracing that included partially vested stock options, performance payments and bonuses to one party, ongoing medical costs, and multiple transfers to each separate property estate. Financial analysis to determine solvency at particular points in time in a bankruptcy matter involving domestic and international sales.


Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF), National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts
Licensed Private Investigator and CE Instructor (Texas Private Security Board)
Mathematics (8-12), Texas State Board for Educator Certification
English Language Arts (8-12), Texas State Board for Educator Certification
English as a Second Language (8-12), Texas State Board for Educator Certification


Co-Chair, Association for Corporate Growth Women’s Committee
Member, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Member, Turnaround Management Association (TMA)
ACM – Special Interest Group for Management of Information Systems (SIGMIS)
ACM – Special Interest Group for Knowledge Discovery and Data Special Interest (SIGKDD)
ACM – Special Interest Group for Logic and Computation (SIGLOG)
Practitioner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)
Practitioner, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA)


Math Models with Applications, a FlexBook Textbook,, 2014


Texas State Licensing Requirements

When a civil or criminal case is presented in court, undoubtedly the question will be raised as to how the evidence was gathered. A state licensed computer forensic examiner will ensure that all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) was gathered in a manner which preserves the integrity of the data.

In addition to properly extracting, documenting, and storing the data in a forensically sound manner, computer forensics examiners can testify was expert witnesses in both depositions and trials.

The State of Texas requires that investigators are licensed. The licensing agency is the Department of Public Safety or DPS. Operating without a license in the State of Texas is a crime that includes penalties that include prison time and significant fines. The rules that regulate investigators are conducted by the DPS and are actively enforced. It is important that the investigator be able to produce the company and investigator license upon request.


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