Background Research

Do you require insight on a new key employee or business partner?

Do you want to know what we can find before you make an offer or enter a partnership or other material business arrangement? Our decades in business experience allow McCann to provide insight that other background researchers simply lack. We have been trusted in thousands of pre-employment reviews and hundreds of acquisitions and capital placement.

McCann can provide:

  • A comprehensive review of civil and criminal court records
  • Analysis of non-disclosed business ownership
  • An overview of assets and liabilities of individuals and or companies
  • A review of discover-able social media information
Background Research for Better Risk-Adjusted Decisions

In business, the right information can allow an executive, board member, or equity owner to make better risk adjusted decisions. In a single day, an executive can be asked to review new potential hires, or review a possible acquisition. McCann Investigators can provide valuable insight into such decisions and can help to gather the facts that are difficult to discover or are being actively hidden.  The ability to perform proper due diligence on new employees, acquisitions, new product ideas, or to get a better view of a competitive landscape are hallmarks of McCann’s corporate intelligence practice.

McCann understands the complex nature of business transactions today.  Each client has industry specific needs that must be addressed in an investigation in order to achieve a specific outcome.  In many cases, computer forensics is only part of a much larger investigation where intricate details are essential in the evidence gathering process.


McCann continually engages the important topics that are most relevant to our clients.  McCann publications provide insight and information to our clients with our white papers, guides and case studies.  All publications are available in iTunes, Paperback or FREE digital download.

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