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A Cyber Security Assessment is essential as all business are facing a far higher level of risk than ever before. Gathering proof of the wrongdoing requires a wide-range of skills and McCann offers unparalleled expertise on technology driven legal and investigative matters.

Use Certified Experts. Use Trusted Forensics. Get Trusted Evidence.

Every day McCann Security helps business decision-makers and stakeholders solve cyber-security issues and protect their critical data and infrastructure. Our operations began during the mass adoption of electronic devices and digitally stored information, and we’ve continued to lead the cyber-security industry through the evolution of mainframes, desktops and laptops, and now mobile devices and cloud storage. All along the way, our veteran team has been armed with the latest technology, and backed by decades of professional experience in both public law enforcement and private security.

The threat we face is very real: according to a 2013 study by Symantec, 61% of all cyber attacks target small and medium businesses (SMBs), with about 30% of such businesses targeted by at least one spear-phishing email that year. The following year, Advisen declared cyber exposure of SMBs “a digital pandemic.” More and more businesses are now responding, with a 7% increase (15% to 22%) in small entities having plans to raise their cyber-security budgets between 2013 and 2014. While growing attention to cyber-security might be a recent development, McCann certainly isn’t new to the practice.

Experienced Professionals in Various Cyber Domains

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cyber-security is both a critically important and potentially complicated issue, and it’s vital to be well-informed when selecting a solution provider to secure your data infrastructure. These FAQs cover our qualifications, resources, services, and how we can help you to protect your digital resources. If your question(s) aren’t answered here, please contact us so we can address them individually.

McCann’s cyber-security professionals have all undergone an FBI-level background check completed and enforced by DPS, and are licensed by the DPS Private Security Bureau—providing documented confirmation of the credibility of our operations. DPS licensure means that Texas courts will allow admission of evidence produced and reports generated by McCann personnel if legal proceedings must be initiated.

McCann’s professionals are experienced in Cyber Intrusion/Detection, Data Leak Prevention, and Digital Forensic Investigations. Our qualification document includes a current list of references, as well as detailed comparative case experiences. This is a specialization, and our extensive proficiency as a firm increases the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Regardless of the level of prevention, hacking and other security breakdowns can and do occur, and data is stolen. When this occurs, digital events need to be investigated as requested—and evidence can either go undiscovered or be rendered inadmissible if the work is performed by an unqualified or unlicensed technician. McCann operates its own digital forensic lab staffed by licensed, full-time computer forensic investigators and technicians. Our facilities feature equipment suited for handling today’s mobile, desktop, and cloud-based forensic recovery and research requirements.

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