Need to extract digital information from a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone?

As licensed experts in digital investigations, our experts will extract and analyze digital data in a forensically sound manner that is admissible as evidence in criminal and civil cases. Our forensic examiners have worked on hundreds of cases throughout Texas. From divorce to corporate embezzlement, McCann provides a comprehensive investigative solution that eliminates the need to hire multiple providers…

  • Texas licensed digital forensics experts with decades of experience in their field
  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Expert investigators with background in corporate and business issues

McCann Computer Forensic Investigators analyze massive amounts of information through cutting-edge digital forensics tools to uncover evidence. Whether the source is a laptop, desktops, mobile device, or cloud storage, the evidence must be obtained and stored using forensically sound methods. Fact-finding in digital data takes expertise, experience, and advanced technology. Information is most often in the form of electronically stored information or ESI. Estimates are that over 80% to 93% of all business information exists in electronic form as emails, documents, web content, and other data base specific formats. It has also been estimated that well over 70% of content has never existed in any other form other than digital. What was once a paper trail is now a purely digital trail of bits and bytes hidden in emails, deleted documents, smart phones, and cloud storage.


Brett Dearman, Lead Forensic Investigator, was assigned a case in Sulfur, Louisiana because the client was concerned that an office employee was embezzling money from the company.  The client wanted to find out how this might be happening and how much money might have been stolen.  Brett and his team traveled to Sulfur to do forensic evidence collection by performing on-site hard drive acquisitions on the office computers.  It was a small office, so the client had an idea who the culprit might be.  Upon examination, it was discovered that the company’s office manager had been involved in a scam that involved a toner cartridge service that was refunding monies in the form of gift cards for the return of non-existent toner cartridges.  It was also discovered that the subject was purchasing personal items using a company credit card and then attempting to cover her tracks by paying the credit card bill with a company check.  Over the course of seven years, the subject scammed the company out of over $400,000.  When confronted with the evidence collected, the subject confessed to her crimes, was charged and convicted with embezzlement and wire fraud.

Licensed Digital Forensics Experts

Courts require the digital evidence obtained for civil or criminal cases be obtained in a forensically sound manner. The investigator collecting the evidence must be a licensed private investigator and have recognized certifications as a computer forensics examiner. This certification typically means that investigators have undergone an extensive background check and that they are licensed by a government agency such as the Private Security Bureau. Having non-licensed IT personnel attempt to collect data is always a bad idea. The proper acquisition and imaging of digital data is a specialized skill requiring extensive training and knowledge in computer forensics tools and technology.  Attempted extraction of this information by an unlicensed individual places the data at risk for contamination and thus being excluded as evidence in a civil or criminal case.

McCann Investigations is fully licensed and has provided expert testimony and reports in multiple courts. McCann computer forensics investigators have served as expert witnesses in many state and federal court cases.  Whether the case is civil or criminal, McCann Experts have provided key evidence in family law, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft, and complex corporate litigation.

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