Intelligence Services

Knowledge is power, information is key.

Concierge intelligence research and analysis for individual, business, legal, and political campaign clients. Our private intelligence reporting goes beyond surface research information and basic due diligence to explore a wide spectrum of information influencing individuals and their networks, including past, current and emerging/evolving situations. McCann Global Intelligence Services leverages open-source and restricted access information, and can deploy private investigation human resources as needed to bring you accurate, actionable intelligence.

All private intelligence reports are custom deliverables designed to give you clear and concise, factual, relevant and reliable insights needed to make informed strategic decisions.

McCann Global Intelligence Services can be an added service to other McCann Global security assessments and investigations, or can be requested as stand-alone products. Bespoke research may also be commissioned and can be white labeled for content delivery.

Litigation Support & Legal Intelligence

What you don’t know can hurt you.

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Litigation can be painful and expensive. Understanding your adversary and discovering hidden information can be the key to achieving the best outcome for your client’s interests.
McCann Global Intelligence Services gives our clients pro-active information to protect and prevail in legal conflicts. Legal intelligence includes developing in depth profiles of adverse parties, witnesses, third parties and proffered experts to verify or refute backgrounds and identify potential vulnerabilities, conflicts and to uncover critical, factual, information relevant to motivations and integrity. Legal intelligence can uncover networks and connections and historical patterns of behavior and activities that directly impact credibility, discovery and evidentiary foundations.

Our intelligence experts work with your legal team to develop and provide essential, difficult to uncover information supporting civil litigation, criminal matters and arbitration.

The McCann Global legal intelligence team includes legal experts, intelligence professionals, cyber intelligence professionals, private investigators, and digital and financial forensic analysts. We can provide single product intelligence reports or full legal consulting to guide your team through all phases of litigation, from before complaints are filed to locating assets after judgment.

Legal Intelligence reports cover, but are not limited to:

  • Complex Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Issue Research & Analysis
Litigant Profiling (open source and restricted access intelligence on individuals and entities)
  • Factual & Legal Analysis Support
  • Licensed Legal & Private Investigations for Human Intelligence Services

Political Opposition Research

Political campaigns are at the mercy of what the opponent knows.

McCann Global intelligence services utilizes intelligence and private investigation expertise to uncover information that simply cannot be found by mere internet searches and combing through readily available public records and postings. We go deep into the information to explore and discover connections between past and current events and develop documented profiles of a political candidate’s history, including personal and professional networks, contacts and events. Our political opposition research illuminates a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, including potentially game-changing adverse information, events and associations.
McCann Global intelligence services can be tasked with producing a singular in depth personal profile of a political candidate, or we can be retained for continuing research for the duration of a campaign to track and advise on campaign strategies, communications and refute attacks.



McCann continually engages the important topics that are most relevant to our clients.  McCann publications provide insight and information to our clients with our white papers, guides and case studies.  All publications are available in iTunes, Paperback or FREE digital download.

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