Litigation Support

Experienced Technical and Legal Consultation

Do you need a trusted advisor on the critical issues associated with cases involving hacking, data loss, and digital forensics?

McCann offers experienced technical and legal consultation on technology driven matters. Our litigation support team is led by Marc Miller, a former state and federal prosecutor, who specializes in high tech crime, including IP Theft, network intrusions, and data breach cases. Mr. Miller’s extended CV is detailed below:

  • Proper incident handing and response.
  • Review of possible criminal and civil remedies.
  • Review of obtained evidence and investigative direction.
  • Expert opinion on matters related to Computer Crimes.

Legal Consultation Services for Attorneys

Are you faced with a hacking case that involves the loss of private data? Do you know how to address the complex civil and possible criminal issues involved in such a matter? Do you understand how to properly request and analyze the critical information that may be found in “the cloud?” Interfacing with cloud based providers to find IP addresses and other relevant information related to your breach can be daunting.

McCann litigation support can provide the insight that you need in a timely manner. It is important to validate the qualifications of the forensic technician who will be performing the investigation.

Critical topics to consider:

  • Litigation Consultation on High Tech Cases
  • Computer, Mobile and Network Forensics
  • Cloud Based Discovery Requests
  • Expert Testimony

Cyber-Centric Private Investigative Services for Attorneys

Law firms need a licensed, experienced, investigator that can take a case from initial fact-finding all the way through appearing as an expert witness. At McCann we understand that the trail can go from digital information like emails or text messages to background research and traditional surveillance. Many traditional private investigative firms do not have expertise[1]  in computer forensics, mobile forensics, network forensics, and digital evidence collection[2] , they understand only traditional private investigative work such as surveillance and background work.

On the other hand, traditional computer forensics firms often do not understand traditional private investigative skills. At McCann we understand the traditional “camps” between digital and analog services are artificial and are simply based on a lack of experience or the skills to adapt to a changing world.

Types of Litigation Cases Investigated:

  • Complex Civil Cases
  • Embezzlement Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Non Compete Enforcement
  • Digital Data Breach



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